Audio Player Test

I’ve been holding back on using HTML5’s Audio/Video capabilities because the ease of downloading the files with a simple right click (or CMD click for you Mac users) after all, I don’t like to make it too easy to download my music files wouldn’t you know. But since ReverbNation has launched an HTML5 player widget  that restricts that, I’ve decided to test out some plugins to see if they do the same thing.

So here’s my first test.  It’s a Plugin called Degradable HTML5 audio and video. Its description seems to be the best one I’ve read so far, so I’ll test it. If the player remains up, it means it’s the one I like the best, if not, you’ll know that I’ve moved on to other plugins.

Here are Jim & Tim‘s web demos for testing purposes.

Never Been to Spain

Audio MP3

Stuck in the Middle with You

Audio MP3

Your Mama Don’t Dance

Audio MP3

[Edit: As a result of the initial writing, I found a known plugin conflict with Viper’s Video Quicktags, which I use on this site. Fortunately, the plugin author provides a modified version download that deals with this conflict.]

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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